Eating with Your Mind, Body & Soul Grades 3-5 (British Year 4-6)

This course is going to help students gain knowledge on how food effects our mind, body, and soul. Students will learn the basics of food nutrition and how we can apply that knowledge to make healthy choices and decisions in nourishing every bit of ourselves. We will also explore how food plays a role in how we feel and learn ways to listen to our bodies. There is much to explore in this topic from how our food is digested, recipes, creating our own balanced meal plans, and much much more. We will see where this class takes us! Let's listen to our curious minds and delve into the food rabbit hole.

Course Instructor: Sandra Lee

Pre-Requisite: This class is for students with a passion for science. Students must be able to work and follow directions independently.

Language Medium: English

Session Format: Live sessions

Duration: 4 Weeks

Start Date: July 5

Frequency: 3 times/week (Sun, Tue, Thurs)

Live Session Timing: 12:00-1:00pm

Course Fee: 450QR

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