Musical Theatre

Students have an exciting opportunity to learn musical theatre techniques, create hands-on projects for costumes and props and socialize (virtually) with their fellow learners! In addition to the live daily interactive classes, we will rehearse and perform the world's favorite musical, Annie! A few of the aspects we will explore include speaking and literacy skills through monologue, dialogue, and improvisation. Students will explore choreography of song and dance numbers, pitch development, rhythm, timing, and reading sheet music, as well as acting techniques that develop character through voice, tone, facial expression and body language. This course aims to highlight how theatre enhances social skills and collaboration to create a musical production!

Course Instructors: Jacob Spears and Nancy Oumarou

Pre-Requisite: This class is for students with a passion for performing. This course is highly recommended for students who have participated in school productions.

Language Medium: English

Session Format: Live sessions

Duration: 4 Weeks

Start Date: July 5

Frequency: 4 times/week (Sun to Wed)

Live Session Timing: 10:30-12:00pm

Course Fee: 600QR

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