The Art of Math: Exploring Shapes with Origami Paper Folding

Grades K-2 (British Year 1-3)

Have you ever wondered how to make amazing figures of animals, airplanes, and other objects….with simple sheets of paper?

Let’s begin our exploration of shapes and origami with Yoko, the young character in the book ‘Yoko’s Paper Cranes’. She makes special birds that help her stay connected with important members of her family. Origami helps improve fine motor skills and brain development, while fostering imagination, spatial awareness and improving concentration.

Course Instructor: Sherri Long

Pre-Requisite: This class is for students with strong math and spatial reasoning skills. Students must be able to work and follow directions independently. Requires the purchase of origami paper.

Language Medium: English

Session Format: Live sessions

Duration: 2 Weeks

Start Date: July 5

Frequency: 3 Days/Week (Sun, Tues,Thurs)

Live Session Timing: 12:00-1:00pm

Course Fee: 300QR

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Google Classroom Code: kpi5lgy

Google Meet (Live Session)